Mark Short

    Registering and Procuring for an Event

    I have a need to setup a webpage form that will support the following Fundraising Event giving levels:

    1. Purchase of a Table Sponsor level
    2. Purchase of a Weekend Sponsor level

    3. Purchase of a Seat Sponsor level

    4. Purchase of a Donation level

    Each of the above levels will map to its own Appeal, but all will have the same Fund. Its possible that each level will need its own webpage form, but that's not the ideal solution.

    Regarding the first three levels, once a Sponsor has selected, then there needs to be the following data entry functionality:

    1. Table Level - for all 8 seats
      1. First Name, Last Name, Email Address
    2. Weekend Level - for all 8 seats
      1. First Name, Last Name, Email Address
    3. Seat Level - for the number of seats purchased
      1. First Name, Last Name, Email Address

    Or couse, the form needs to be able to process the purchase amount for each level and then feed all that profile data and any additional seat data to SF. Does CV have functionality to fulfill this?

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    4 years ago


    Karen Guanzon

    Training Manager

    Hi Mark,


    My sincerest apologies in taking some time to get back to you on your inquiry.


    I consulted with our team and unfortunately it is not possible to have each event level to be mapped to a different appeal. The only other workaround we can recommend is to create a separate event with one event level each (one event with Table Sponsor as an event level, another event with Weekend Sponsor as a level, etc). Then you can create separate forms for each of these events. You would need to create a webpage that will redirect the constituent to the appropriate form depending on which one they would like to purchase.


    As for the seats, standard Causeview functionality is to process the payment first before it creates the appropriate records within Causeview. Then, a separate Guest Registration Email is sent to the purchases that allows him/her to provide his guest names. I should also mention that there is currently a limitation in the amount of guest names the form will allow you to enter (I believe the max is 10, including the purchaser) so if the purchaser wishes to purchase multiple event levels, you will hit the max and this will not allow the purchaser to proceed.


    Thank you,

    Karen Guanzon

    4 years ago