How To: Update a Recurring Gift for iATS and Non-iATS Customers

    How To: Update a Recurring Gift for iATS and Non-iATS Customers

    Effective Causeview release version 2.81 (on April 13, 2016), a new process / interface for managing recurring gifts is automatically available to all iATS customers.  All non-iATS customers will continue with a modified version of the original recurring gift interface.

    Prior to version 2.81, editing or cancelling recurring gifts outside the required process could cause data model inconsistencies that prevented the Payment Gateway from reflecting the appropriate changes. The changes detailed below are intended to make the process more efficient, and minimize the opportunity for such data model inconsistencies. 

    New Process for iATS Customers

    For all current iATS customers the new recurring gift interface allows for a smooth, "one size fits all solution to editing and canceling recurring gifts. The only button present for iATS customers on the recurring gift record detail page is the “Edit” button.

    Once the "Edit" button is pressed, you will be directed to the new recurring gift interface which has all of your payment, recurring profile, and gift cancellation options.

    To edit the constituent’s recurring gift information in the new interface, edit the highlighted fields below.


    To cancel the recurring gift, use “Status” drop down menu and change the setting to “Cancelled”.

    The “Schedule Day” field sets the day of the month to withdraw the funds for the recurring gift. (Ie. “10” would mean the 10th day of the month).

    To change the frequency of the recurring gift, use the “Frequency” drop down menu to change the setting.

    New Process for Non-iATS Customers

    For non iATS supported customers, the correct process will be identical to the previous process, however the "Edit", "Delete", and "Clone" buttons have been removed from the layout to avoid causing any improper data creation or deletion. These buttons are Salesforce default buttons which remain in the page layout, however pressing one of these three buttons to update a recurring gift can cause serious data errors.

    The correct process to edit and delete recurring gifts in the updated version of the previous interface remains choosing one of the three buttons shown below:

    • “Update Payment Information” – to update credit card information (ie. number or expiry date)
    • “Update Recurring Profile” – to update recurring information (ie. frequency of gifts)
    • “Cancel Recurring Gift” – to cancel the recurring gift

    If any non-iATS customers are interested in switching over to iATS please contact Causeview Customer Support at

    How To: Update a Recurring Gift for iATS and Non-iATS Customers
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