How To: Create a new Household

    How To: Create a new Household

    A Household is a special type of organization which allows you to group together several individuals who live at the same address. This can be useful when representing families who collectively interact with your organization. Households act differently from other organizations, in that they cannot act as the account for an individual. The automatic household setting can be used to make Causeview automatically create a household for new individuals created in the application.

    Households can manually be created before or after the individuals who will make up the members. If the household is created first, new individuals can be created in the household creation page. If the individuals exist in Causeview before the household is created, they can be added using the household creation page, or the household can be added by editing the individual record.

    1) Search for existing households
    2) Create a new household and add household members
    3) Edit an individual record to add a household

    Search for existing households

    The first step when creating a new household is to always check if the household already exists in Causeview. This step is very useful for keeping your information in Causeview clean and manageable.

    You can search for a household using the global Causeview search box on top of the page. As you enter a value in the search box, Causeview will attempt to auto-complete your search with information you have recently viewed within the application. This can be helpful if the household you are searching for is already in Causeview. Clicking on the household name will take you to the detail page for that household.

    If Causeview doesn’t suggest a household, you can search for any records that match the value you entered. It’s a good idea to use a wildcard in the form of an asterisk (*) at the end of the name to search for anything saved in Causeview that begins with that name. For example, if you would like to search for John Smith’s household, you can try entering John*. This will display all records in the application that begin with John.

    If the household does not already exist in Causeview, you can create a new household.

    Create a New Household and add Household Members

    Since households are created and stored within the Organizations tab, you must first navigate to this tab.

    Next, select “All Households” from the View picklist and click on "Go". This will display all household records currently saved within the application.

    Click on the “New Household” button found on top of the list.

    Enter the household name in the Account Name field. Then populate the rest of the household information such as a phone, email, and address. You may also specify the household addressee and salutation as well as solicit codes.

    The next step would be to add household members which are individuals in the application. Click on “Add New Member”.

    Enter the Last Name of the individual you would like to add as a household member and click on “Search Existing Individuals”. Note that the form only searches by the individual’s last name. 

    A list of existing individuals whose last name matches the value you entered will be displayed in a list at the bottom of the form. Select the individual/s you would like to add as members of the household and click on “Add Selected to Household”.

    The individual/s you selected will now appear as household members at the bottom of the household creation page. You may click on “Edit” beside the individual to enter additional information such as the individual’s household role and specify whether he/she is the head of the household and if you would like to use the household addressee and household salutation. Click on “Save” to save the information you entered.

    You may click on “Add New Member” again to search for other individuals and add them to the household. If the individual/s you searched for do not yet exist in Causeview, you may then create a new individual by populating the rest of the information within the form. Note though that when you click on Add New Member, it launches the form to allow you to enter the individual’s last name and then click on Search Existing Individuals. It is only after you have run the search will it let you populate the rest of the form and save the individual as a new member.

    Once you have added all of your household members, click on “Save All” found at the bottom of the household creation page.

    Edit an Individual Record to add a Household

    Another way to add an existing individual to a household is to edit the individual’s record and add the household. To do so, you would need to first search for the individual. Enter the individual’s name in the global Causeview search box and then navigate to the Individual’s record.

    Click on “Edit” on top of the individual detail page.

    Navigate through the page until you locate the section for Household. Click on the look-up icon beside Household.

    Search for the household by entering the household name in the search box and click on “Go”. A list of households that match the value you entered will be displayed. Select the household by clicking on it.

    Enter additional information for the individual as it pertains to the household such as his/her household role, whether he/she is a direct mail recipient or if he/she is a household member. If you would like to use the Household Addressee and Salutation as well as the Household Phone and Address, these preferences may be enabled as well from the individual’s record. Click on “Save” once you’ve entered all the needed information.

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    How To: Create a new Household
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