How To: Update a published Actionpage

    How To: Update a Published Actionpage

    Once your Actionpage is created, customized and shared you can move back to the Actionpage Designer home page by clicking on the “Save & Close” button or the house icon at the top of the page.

    After creating your first Actionpage for an appeal or event, the Actionpage Designer for that appeal will open to the home page, where all of the existing Actionpages are listed.

    By default the home page will show all active Actionpages. Active Actionpages are currently available to any of your constituents with the link to the page. Active Actionpages can be edited with the pencil icon.

    This will re-open the same customization page used to create your Actionpage. Any changes you make in the customization screen will be implemented when you click on “Save”. It is important to remember that if you make changes to an appeal or event in Causeview, you must re-save your Actionpage from the customization screen to update the Actionpage or Actionform as well.

    Active Actionpages can also be renamed with the “T” icon, or seen as a preview with the eye icon. If you would like to hide or stop using an Actionpage, you can deactivate it by clicking on the stop symbol. Deactivated Actionpages continue to exist, so that all of the information associated with them remains in Causeview.

    If you deactivate an Actionpage and then wish to reactivate it, you wil first need to access the list of inactive Actionpages. From the appeal or event Actionpage Designer home page, select “Inactive” in the drop down menu.

    To reactivate an Actionpage, in order to edit, rename, or use it again you can click on the curved arrow icon next to the Actionpage title.

    Clicking on this button will make the page available once again to any constituent with the link, and move the Actionpage to the list of “Active” pages in the Actionpage Designer.

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    How To: Update a published Actionpage
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