Managing Tributes

    Tributes are donations that are made “In Memory Of: and “In Honour Of”, initiated by a constituent in lieu of presents for a personal events. Tributes are often also used for weddings, birthdays, and other special life milestones. The Tributes hope page looks like this.

    A new Tribute is created by opening the Edit screen from the Tributes Home Page. Enter the information and click Save.

    The Tributes record looks like this. An Allocations related list is included.

    The process of contributing funds to the Tribute is managed through the Allocation process, when entering the Transaction. From the Allocations related list in the Transaction record, Click New Allocation and follow the process. Choose the desired Tribute from the Tribute lookup.

    Complete the Allocation process and click save. The Allocation record will appear...

    ...and the contribution to the Tribute will be entered and appear on the allocations related list.

    Managing Tributes