Setting up a Campaign

    To create a new Campaign:

    Click on the Campaigns/Appeals Tab

    Click New

    From the drop down select the Campaign record type.

    Populate the details of the Campaign.

    Click Save.

    Now, you can create a new campaign goal. From the campaign record, scroll to the related list called goals.

    Click New.

    You will notice that the Campaign/Appeal this goal is related to is populated. Give your goal a name as well as identify the fiscal year the goal relates to. Business rule: if the fiscal year is current, then the active checkbox on the goal defaults to true.

    Enter goals for each quarter. These will sum into the total Goal amount when you save the record.

    Save the record.

    Return to the campaign. You will now notice that under the Plan vs Performance Analysis, the campaign goals have been added.

    You have the flexibility to create multiple goals within a fiscal year, as well as maintain previous goals if your Campaign spans multiple years. The Active flag will determine whether a goal is counted towards the Current Fiscal Goal or the Lifetime Goal.

    Setting up a Campaign
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