Understanding Campaigns, Appeals, and Events

    Campaigns, Appeals and Events are the main ways your organization will raise funds. Understanding how Causeview differentiates between the three is essential to get the best use of your Causeview installation.


    Revenue streams that have a planned strategy


    Actioned effort to secure the gift, tactical execution of your Campaign


    Specific events that you hold to raise the money for the appeal.

    Hierarchically, Campaigns sit at the top, as the overarching strategy to raise funds. For example, the summer campaign, etc.  Appeals fall below that and are actual efforts that are taken to secure a donation from a donor. Examples include direct mailings, email blasts, social media, etc. that connect with constituents. Finally, events are physical events that you hold to raise funds (a type of Appeal).

    Campaigns (Revenue Streams) define the strategic fundraising initiatives for your organization.  Once you define your organizational Campaigns, you can begin to establish your Campaign Goals and build out your Appeals (tactical execution of your Campaign).  Within the Campaign record, you will be able to see the roll up summary totals from all the appeals that relate to the Campaign and then start to measure the performance of the Campaign against your Campaign Goals. Examples include:

    • Corporate

    • Direct Mail

    • Face to Face

    • Foundations & Institutions

    • Major Gifts

    • Online Giving

    • Planned Giving/Bequests

    • Special Events

    • Telemarketing

    • Tributes

    • Workplace

    • Unknown/Unprompted

    Any of the Appeals (actioned effort) that are planned and setup under one of the Campaigns will be given an Appeal Category. This acts as a secondary level of categorization that will give you the ability to do cross-campaign reporting based on the category of the Appeal. For example: instead of looking at all of the appeals within the Direct Mail campaign you may want to do an analysis of all of the Appeal of Category – Acquisition. This Appeal Category could show up under the Direct Mail campaign as well as under the Major Gifts Campaign or the Online Giving Campaign. Being able to track success and report off of Appeal Category’s gives another layer of analysis. Below are examples of possible Appeal Categories:

    • Acquisition

    • Renewal

    • Recurring Donations

    • Publications

    • Emergency

    • General

    • Peer-to-Peer

    • Major Donor Special Event

    • Stock/Equities

    • Legacies

    • Life Insurance Premium

    • General Events

    • Wish List

    • Gift Registry

    • Corporate Matching

    • Partnership

    • Employee Contributions

    • Grants

    Understanding Campaigns, Appeals, and Events
    Campaigns, Appeals & Events