Converting an Opportunity to a Transaction

    Once you have been awarded your Grant you are ready to convert it to Transaction.  Transaction is where we capture actual revenue.  When converting to a Transaction, you will also be able to define the Payment schedule, along with the corresponding Allocations and any scheduled follow up Tasks.

    First, convert the opportunity to a transaction by opening the opportunity and selecting “Convert to Transaction”.

    You will be presented with the Transaction Conversion Page. From this page, you will create the anticipated payment schedule for your opportunity. The Red Boxes in the below screenshot highlight how to add (+) and remove payment records; to add, simply click the + tab, and to remove click the remove button. You are able to create as many payments as required. With each Payment, you will have to define the anticipated date when you expect to receive the payment. You also have the option to specify a reminder and the number of days in advance of the payment date. A task will be created for each reminder and prompt you when it comes due.

    Each Payment will also require an allocation record. This will allocate your Transaction and Payment against a specific Appeal and Fund; giving you the ability to track how the money has been received; as well as how it is designated.

    When you are ready to finish the transaction, click the Submit button. The system will now create a new transaction and assign it to the corresponding Individual or Organization. as well, the system will create the related Payments, Allocations, and Tasks you have defined. To locate the transaction, navigate to your Organization or Individual record, then select the transaction from the transaction related list, or, you can access it from the transactions tab.

    Converting an Opportunity to a Transaction