Suspending Recurring Gifts in iATs

    How To: Suspend Recurring Gifts in iATs

    To keep a current recurring gift on hold, first navigate to that specific recurring gift's record detail page. On the recurring gift's record detail page you should see the "Update Recurring Profile" Button.


    After you clicked the "Update Recurring Profile" button, you will a "Status" drop down menu. From this menu, change the status to "On Hold". This will update the status at iATS, and put the recurring gift on hold. There is no need to log into both places. 

    Cancelling a recurring gift will not affect payments previously processed, neither will it issue refunds for previous payments. Cancelling a recurring gift is not to be confused with suspending a recurring gift. Cancelling a recurring gift means that the constituent no longer wishes to continue his/her recurring donation. If the constituent wishes to give a recurring gift again later on, you would need to enter a new recurring gift in Causeview.

    If you wish to cancel a recurring gift, do not click on the "Delete" button. If you wish to cancel a recurring gift, click on "Cancel Recurring" button found on top of the recurring gift record.

    Suspending Recurring Gifts in iATs
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