Causeview 2.700 - 01/28/2016

    Feature Enhancements


    New Pledge Page Layout

    New Pledge Page layout is introduced which will be assigned for any new gifts that are of type = Pledge. This layout will contain the “Pledge Detail” section and also this section will be removed from the Recurring Gift Transaction layout going forward as it can cause confusion.

    Donation Form ACH update for Canadian Customers

    “Routing Number” in a donation form is changed to “Bank and Transit #” when the form locale is set to “English Canada”.

    iATS Payments – upgrading to SHA-2 SSL certificates

    Causeview has updated and tested to make sure that no clients will be affected by the changes from iATS on February 3rd, 2016.

    Capturing Reject/Decline codes in Causeview

    Reject codes along with its description will be captured in the Payment record under the “Status Comment” field when a payment from iATS returns as a Decline. This will better help the users understand why that payment was declined by iATS.



    Total Lifetime Fundraising – not including previous years of soft credits

    Total Lifetime Fundraising roll up field was updated to include sum of all soft credits regardless of the year. The formula for this field is:

    Total Lifetime Fundraising = Sum of all Transaction amount + Sum of  all soft Credit Amount + Sum of all Primary Solicitor amount

    Total Fiscal Fundraising – amount not calculated correctly

    Logic for the Total Fiscal Fundraising field was updated.

    Total Fiscal Fundraising = Total Fiscal Year Giving + Sum of Soft Credits amount for the Fiscal year + Sum of Primary Solicitor (Transaction) amount for the Fiscal year

    Overall Lifetime Gift Amount - Incorrect Calculation

    Overall Lifetime Gift Amount did not take refunds into account. This roll up field has been updated to take account for any refunds.

    Receipt Issue – Cannot create receipts in Customer’s Org

    When trying to create a receipt record in some client’s org, there was a Salesforce timeout error which prevented the users from going forward. This bug has been fixed.

    Auto Apply Soft Credit (Relationships) Trigger Fires for $0 Payments

    When a Recurring Gift with a future start date was setup in CV, even though there will be a $0 payment, the system still issued a positive amount of Soft Credit because the “Apply Soft Credit” checkbox was turned on at the relationship record. This bug has been fixed. 

    iATS - Update ACH account information not getting updated in iATS

    Customers who are on iATS experienced a bug from updating any ACH Account and Routing numbers. This bug has been fixed.

    Refunds in Causeview

    Refund payments in Causeview were being changed to a positive amount by the CV Service. This bug has been fixed so that the refund payment always stays as a negative value in salesforce.

    Causeview 2.700 - 01/28/2016
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