Causeview 2.600 - 11/25/2015

    Feature Enhancements


    Household Address Update

    Earlier this month we asked all of our clients opinion to change how the current process works regarding Household Address update. We have received many positive responses from our clients in favor to change the current process. The new process will overwrite the existing Household Address with the new address entered by the donor. The previous household address would get stored in the “Other Addresses” record related to the household.  



    New Gift Batch – Filter added to avoid creating gifts for Household

    A New Gift should always be processed through the Household member and not from the Household record as the roll-ups do not factor in the Household records.

    Allocation Date not populated on recurring gifts made though the New Gift Interface

    When a new recurring gift is entered through the New Gift Interface, the allocation date was not getting populated on the created allocation record. This bug has been fixed.

    Post to Finance Report – Decimal issue

    When there is an allocation amount that has multiple decimal places (ex. 83.333333…etc), the view on the allocation record rounds the value to two decimal places. However, on the Post to Finance report, it contained all decimal values. This bug has been fixed.

    Rollup job error: Too many query rows: 50001

    When a customer instance has over 50,000 child and grandchild campaign records, it can run into an error while running the roll up jobs such as “Too many query rows: 50001”. This has been fixed.

    GL Codes on refund for payments with multiple allocations

    When refunding a gift with multiple allocations, there was an issue with mapping the correct GL Credit Account values. This bug has been fixed.

    Actionforms – Entering comma or special characters in Other Amount field

    When donors entered an amount containing a comma (ex 1,025) in the Other Amount field, the system failed to record this transaction into Causeview. The online forms have been updated to restrict donors from entering a comma and any special characters such as $ sign and will display a message with the correct format when entered.

    Actionforms – Attachment File Size Error

    Actionforms where users can upload an attachment on the form ran into an error when attaching a large file size. The error was caused by the request size of the web request when attaching a file and submitting the form. This bug has been fixed.

    APD – Submit button text field cannot be updated

    There was a bug with the ability to change the text on the “Submit” button in Action Page Designer. This bug has been fixed.

    Causeview 2.600 - 11/25/2015
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